Energy Services

Energy Services

For years, Southern States has been providing the comforts of energy to thousands of valued customers. Southern States supplies your home, business and farm with all the fuels you need no matter the application. We offer reliable home delivery service and equipment so you'll never have to worry. Contact your local store for availability.


Diesel Fuel Delivery:

Southern States delivers both on- and off-road ultra-low sulfur diesel that meets all EPA requirements with a maximum sulfur content of 15 parts per million. This fuel is suitable for all on- and off-road vehicles, and is delivered promptly to your location.

Heating Oil Delivery:

It takes a village to maintain your farming operation! You need a safe and reliable energy resource to power your facilities. Let Southern States support you with quality heating oil products, expert advice and service that you can count on.

Propane Home Delivery:

Safe, clean-burning propane gas is the convenient choice for your home or farm. Running your home on propane makes sense — both economically and environmentally. Propane gas is the premier energy source for heating and appliances such as water heaters, dryers, stoves and ranges.

There are many uses for propane aside from heating and powering appliances. Propane can be used in a variety of applications.

  • Applications
  • Home Heating
  • Cooking
  • Gas Dryers
  • Water Heaters
  • Gas Logs
  • Outdoor Living; Pools, Grills, Fireplaces

Propane Refills:

Have a portable propane tank you are ready to have refilled? Stop by our store today and we can help. Bring in any tank under 100lbs and we will be happy to get you filled up and on your way. 

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